Are You Brave Enough To Go Inside This Abandoned Hospital?

The world can be a truly scary place, especially when you realize that it is peppered with abandoned buildings. However, does it get much more terrifying than an abandoned hospital? Let’s see…

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

The J.N. Adam Memorial Hospital in Perrysburg, New York, is a truly terrifying landmark. The asylum was constructed in 1909, to treat those infected with tuberculosis.

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

At the time, tuberculosis was one of the biggest epidemics in the world. In 1815, 100 years prior to the asylums construction, it was estimated that one in four deaths in England alone were due to the cruel disease.

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

By 1918, one in six deaths in France was estimated to be the result of TB. This caused a mass frenzy across the globe as better sanitation was encouraged to eradicate the disease. That is where this hospital comes in to play…

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