Do These Notes Prove That Time Travel Exists?!

Image Source: Time Out

Admit it, ever since you watched Back To The Future, you have been curious about time travel. Does it exist? Will we really have hoverboards in the future? Well, this may just put a stop to all of your questions all thanks to some incredible notes found in the drawer of a table in a coffee shop.

Image Source: Stranger Dimensions

The first note read: “Hal, If you are reading this it means the worst has happened…I am trapped in the year 2013.” We know how you feel, 2013 really was the worst. Just ask Lance Armstrong.

Image Source: Go Retro!

The note continued, “Our experiments in time travel were only successful in one direction”…. wait, what do One Direction have to do with this? Now you mention it, Harry Styles does look like a copy of a young Mick Jagger…

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