Pablo Escobar’s Abandoned Island Shows What Life Was Like As A Drug Lord

Hollywood movies often focus on the lives of prolific drugs lords and gangsters, such as the iconic 1972 film The Godfather. But, do they really even scratch the surface on what their life is really like…

Image Source: Wikipedia Image Source: Wikipedia

Pablo Escobar is notorious for his reign over the drug trade. The Columbian drug lord was the head of the famous Medellin Cartel and was estimated to be making $21.9 billion per year into his personal fortune.

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

At his prime, he was titled the richest man in the world and also ‘The King of Cocaine’. He was eventually shot and killed by Colombian National Police, in his hometown of Medellin, just 24 hours after his 44th birthday.

Image Source: Atlas Obscura Image Source: Atlas Obscura

During his reign in the ’80s, his cartel dominated one of the 30 islands around the waters of Islas Del Rosario in Columbia. The island became their private retreat at the weekend, where they would brush shoulders with each other and splash their cash. After the cartel collapsed, the buildings were abandoned and now cast an eerie shadow over the landscape…

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