Princess Diana’s Private Letters Will Make You See The Royals In A Whole New Light!

The life of Princess Diana is a deep mystery to much of the general public. That was until the princess’s intimate letters emerged. What they reveal is quite shocking…

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

Diana was known as the ‘People’s Princess’ for her caring and considerate attitude. These traits are evident in the endless correspondence that she sent to friends, family, and lovers!

Image Source: Harpers Bazaar Image Source: Harpers Bazaar

There has been great controversy regarding Diana’s letters. After her death, her former lover and the rumored father to Prince Harry, James Hewitt, attempted to sell letters she sent him during their affair which ended in 1991.

Image Source: ABC Image Source: ABC

Further ‘highly personal’ letters that the Princess sent to the Queen Mother were burnt by Princess Margaret, who feared that the details within the letters could incriminate the royal family. However, despite all the scandal surrounding the letters, many private notes still remain…

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