This Abandoned Airplane Graveyard In Thailand Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

If you have a nervous disposition when it comes to flying, then this creepy airplane graveyard in Thailand certainly isn’t going to help…

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

The planes, formerly operated by Orient Thai Airlines, have found their final resting place in an overgrown partĀ of Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok.

Image Source: Daily Mail Image Source: Daily Mail

The decaying planes were purchased by as a business venture, with the plan to turn them into bars. However, the cash-strapped investor never managed to complete his plans and instead left the planes to rot at the mercy of the elements!

Image Source: CNN Image Source: CNN

The planes have been stripped inside and savaged by vandals, leaving their skeletal structures to cast quite an eerie shadow over the abandoned area they occupy…

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