This Abandoned Chinese Fishing Island Is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today

Sometimes nature takes over and reclaims land that humans have developed on. It is a rare sight, but when it happens it is quite magnificent, as seen in this forgotten Chinese fishing village on Shengshan Island.

Image Source: The Atlantic Image Source: The Atlantic

Time stands completely still here. The vines bury the skeletal structures of abandoned buildings, leaving them shrouded in a green haze.

Image Source: The Vision Times Image Source: The Vision Times

This island is only one of 400 islands which make up the Shengsi Archipelago, which were abandoned in the early ’90s as the residents moved to the mainland in order to leave the education and food shortages behind.

Image Source: Deserted Places Image Source: Deserted Places

It was once home to 2,000 fishermen, but now only a few inhabit the remote village. Every day hundreds of tourists arrive to trek the tracks around the derelict buildings, to see sights just like these…

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