These Dogs Were Bred For Food – What This Guy Did Next Was Incredible

Image Source: The Dodo

If there is one things us humans love, it is our pets. We treat them as if they are family, and that’s because they are! So, with that in mind, this article may be very disturbing. It would appear there are millions of dogs being slaughtered brutally on a daily basis, here we bring you all the details of one mans heroic mission to save them.

Image Source: Daily Mail

It will unlikely be news to you that some cultures eat dog meat. So what?┬áIt’s hypocritical for us to eat cows, but not let others eat dog if they so wish, right? True, but is it right to have animals brutally beaten to death? In many parts of Asia, it is believed that tortured dogs produce better meat, which provides health benefits to the consumer.

Image Source: esdaw

As a result of this belief, millions of dogs are horrifically mutilated in slaughterhouses across Asia. The horrendous methods include, but are not limited to, burning and boiling them alive, chopping their paws off, again whilst they are alive, and strangulation, whilst being beaten at the same time.

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